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Chesapeake Bay TMDL Phase II

Announcement: Chesapeake Bay TMDL WIP Stakeholder Information

The Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), together with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, is developing the Phase II Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP) to meet US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements to reduce pollutant loads to the Chesapeake Bay by 2025. Local government participation in the process is not required. However, the Phase II WIP is the first step in avoiding potential federal actions, and also gives localities an opportunity to inform the TMDL process and any future state regulations that are based on the information in the WIP. Additionally, it is anticipated that localities which participate will be in better position to receive Chesapeake Bay TMDL implementation funding as it is made available.

Individual locality implementation plans will not be produced as a part of the Phase II WIP, and the WIP does not supersede local TMDL implementation. DCR will aggregate individual locality information into a state level plan.

DCR is requesting that localities provide:

• BMP data
• Land use data
• BMP implementation scenarios
• Strategies for BMP implementation
• Local resource needs for BMP implementation, and
• Water quality efforts not currently credited in the watershed model.

PDCs have been asked to help coordinate local government responses. DCR requests that any information be provided by February 1, 2012. The Virginia Assessment and Scenario Tool (VAST), is a new online application that can help localities with evaluation of BMP scenarios by quantifying/predicting pollution load reductions and charting progress toward identified goals. Assistance to PDCs and localities for WIP activities will also be made available in the form of workshops, grant funds, an EPA circuit rider, and technical consultant funded by the EPA.

For more on assistance available to localities in conjunction with the state’s Chesapeake Bay TMDL efforts please contact Michelle Edwards at medwards@rrregion.org or 540-829-7450. Additional information on the Chesapeake Bay TMDL Phase II Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP) can be found at www.dcr.virginia.gov/vabaytmdl.

Additional Information

TMDL WIP Phase II Fact Sheet
Chesapeake Bay TMDL FAQ
Virginia Assessment Scenario Tool (VAST)
WIP Implementation Strategies & Resource Needs Template
Letter from DCR to Localities [dated June 30]
Letter from EPA to Virginia [dated October 5]
Letter from DCR to Localities [dated November 8]

Virginia WIP Phase II [DRAFT dated December 15] | Cover Letter

Virginia 2012-2013 Milestones for BMP Implementation [Submitted to EPA January 6, 2012]

Upcoming Meetings

Chesapeake Bay TMDL WIP Stakeholder Meeting
January 20, 2012 | 10am | Regional Commission offices

Past Meetings & Materials

Chesapeake Bay TMDL WIP Stakeholder Meeting
November 9, 2011 | 10am | Regional Commission offices
Meeting Summary
Presentation: Phase II WIP Overview

Chesapeake Bay TMDL Hands-On Workshop
October 19, 2011 | 9am to 2pm | Daniel Technology Center, Culpeper
Agenda & Registration Information
Workshop Flyer



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