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Regional Visioning

Our region is at a turning point. We plan to develop a "regional vision" to bring together the region's citizens and organizations to work together to accomplish mutual goals for the area.

Your participation is needed to ensure that diverse perspectives are represented.

How shall we preserve, promote and protect our strengths and assets? How shall we overcome the challenges faced by our region?

Your help is needed to create this vision. Please plan to attend a community meeting in your area and follow-up regional forums.


A regional visioning forum designed to:

• build regional identity
• increase knowledge of the common interests that link our region
• identify the topics that are important to our region
• develop strategies to meet the challenges and opportunities of the next   twenty years
• help identify priorities for Regional Competitiveness Act funding


• To ensure that the region's citizens and organizations have an opportunity    to contribute and participate in directing the region's future and vision.


• UVA's Institute for Environmental Negotiation will facilitate the process, with   the assistance of facilitators from the Piedmont Dispute Resolution Center.

• Members of the public, leaders from government, healthcare, business   and education are all invited and encouraged to attend.


The visioning process will begin with five local meetings, one in each county, to develop information about the strengths, opportunities and vision within each county, together with two follow-up regional forums.

The first Regional meeting will:

hear the results of the five local meetings
discuss commonalities and shared interests
begin to identify ties that can better strengthen our sense of region
identify those areas where enhanced cooperation makes sense

The second Regional meeting will:

build upon identified regional themes and priorities
recommend a set of actions based on each of these themes
empanel committees and enlist the support of new and existing   organizations to move toward implementation of recommended actions.


County Community Meetings

2/17/01 Orange Train Depot 9am - 11am
2/20/01 Rappahannock Public Library 7pm - 9pm
2/24/01 Culpeper Culpeper County Middle School 9am - 11am
2/26/01 Fauquier Lord Fairfax Comm. College 7pm - 9pm
2/28/01 Madison War Memorial Building 9am - 11am

Follow-up Regional Forums

4/28/01 First Meeting Culpeper County Middle School 9am - 11am
5/19/01 Second Meeting Culpeper County Middle School 9am - 11am

Summaries of Community Meetings held in February 2001:

Culpeper County
Fauquier County
Madison County
Orange County
Rappahannock County

Information Regarding Regional Forums:

Saturday April 28, 2001 - 9am - 11am
Saturday May 19, 2001 - 9am - 11am

Location for both meetings: Culpeper County Middle School

Posters advertising the upcoming regional forums are available in Adobe Acrobat Reader format (.PDF).

Visioning Poster 1 (Adobe Acrobat Reader format - 122 KB)
Visioning Poster 2 (Adobe Acrobat Reader format - 18 KB)

Regional Visioning Meeting Slideshow 1 (Microsoft Powerpoint   Presentation - 103K)

Regional Visioning Meeting Slideshow 2 (Microsoft Powerpoint   Presentation - 71 KB)

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Draft Vision Statement:

Draft Vision, dated June 19 (Adobe Acrobat Reader format - 48 KB)

Compilation of Discussion Group Items (Adobe Acrobat Reader
format - 322 KB)

Vision Statement:

Final Visioning Brochure (Adobe Acrobat Reader format - 481 KB)





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